Zlín Region’s Assembly

The supreme body of the regional self-government, Zlín Region’s Assembly, consists of 45 representatives elected by direct universal suffrage for a four-years term. The members of the Assembly elect from among them members of the Regional Council that consists of the Governor, Deputy Governors and other members (Councillors). The Assembly convenes at least once every three months and its sessions are open to the public.

Pursuant to applicable law, the Assembly is entitled to submit motions and bills to the House of the Representatives of the Parliament of the Czech Republic; submit proposals for revocation of certain acts to the Constitutional Court; issue Region’s generally binding decrees; co-ordinate regional area planning; approve developmental programmes and provide for their implementation; approve regional tourism development schemes; set the scope of basic public transport services in the region; make decisions concerning international co-operation projects; approve the Region’s budget and balance sheet; establish and disband contributory organizations; establish trading companies, committees etc.; and make decisions concerning the following actions affecting property rights: purchase and transfers of immovable property, providing subsidies to municipalities, providing subsidies in excess of CZK 200,000 to other subjects, etc.

autor: Vladimíra Horáčková

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