Symbols of the Zlín Region

The coat of arms and flag of the Zlín Region

A quartered shield, blue and gold, contains the Moravian Eagle in first field; a closed blue book with golden edges and golden patriarch’s cross on the cover in the second; crossed blue shepherd’s axes with black handles, a blue ploughshare lying over them, and a blue grape above them in the third; and an eight-pointed golden star in the fourth.

The traditional symbol of Moravia in the first field implies that the Zlín Region lies on the territory of this historical province, while the second field commemorates the fact that the core of the Great Moravian Empire, which was closely connected with the mission of Saints Cyril and Methodius, the Apostles of the Slavic Nations, was situated in the Region. The third field refers to its natural and cultural variety, for the Region combines the mountainous Wallachia, the fertile flatlands of Haná, and Moravian Slovakia with its vineyards. The star in the fourth field is taken from the City of Zlín’s coat of arm.

The Region’s logo

The basic element of the logo is a geometric form – square. The logo consists of four of them, arranged in the shape of a letter Z. The number of the squares refers to four parts of the Zlín Region (i.e. the Districts of Kroměříž, Uherské Hradiště, Vsetín and Zlín). The general concept of the logo was inspired by cubic shapes of the Zlín Functionalist architecture, which is typical for its simplicity and efficient use of space.

autor: Vladimíra Horáčková

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