Qualities of the Zlín Region

Good social climate - Friendly and active people, tradition of family life, the lowest percentage of children born outside marriage, the highest portion of believers of all Czech regions, low divorce rate, high safety, low crime.

Good environment - The protected areas of the White Carpathians and the Beskydy Mountains cover approximately 30% of the Region’s area. The Region’s environmental load is one of the lowest in the country and the Region is also one of the most forested ones.

Deep cultural roots and living traditions - The highest number of folklore events in Central Europe, great variety of traditional crafts, intersection of three ethnographic areas (Wallachia, Moravian Slovakia and Haná), film industry, professional theatres, numerous galleries, museums and a philharmonic orchestra. A dense concentration of national cultural heritage buildings designed in all styles.

University centre -The City of Zlín is the seat of Tomáš Baťa University; the Region also boasts a dense network of primary and secondary schools that specialize in many different subjects and often draw on long traditions.

Economic potential - Skilful and industrious workforce, strategic position at a crossroads between Southern, Northern, Eastern and Western Europe, a long tradition of the engineering production, manufacture of rubber-based products, plastics industry, steel industry, electric engineering, leather processing, chemical industry, building industry and aviation industry. Strategic industrial zones emerging in many places around the Region bring promising prospects for the future.


autor: Vladimíra Horáčková

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